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How these CEOs set their goals for the year – and stick to them

At the beginning of each year, project or task, professionals often look to set personal KPIs to help them keep motivated and stay on track. However, setting and achieving goals is not an easy skill, and finding the balance between overly ambitious and achievable goals can be a frustrating process. In this Business Insider article, Kelly Quirk, CEO of Harrier Human Capital, joins 11 other top Australian CEOs to provide an all-inclusive guide to personal and business goal setting. Amongst the comprehensive list of advice, Quirk emphasises the necessity of having personal goals that align with the needs and ambitions of the business. She also stresses the need to set goals for the short, medium and longer term, along with the importance of developing milestones that are dynamic and can be built upon term to term.

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“In my role, meaningful goals need to be closely aligned with the business’s objectives: If the business is looking to grow or diversify into new markets or geographies, my goals need to be directly linked and focused on how we can achieve that”

– Kelly Quirk, CEO Harrier Human Capital