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No budget for bonuses? Don’t despair

Financial incentives have long been heralded as the key to motivating employees. However, not every business has room in their budget for these added costs, and not every employee is motivated by bringing home the extra dollars. Increasingly, at Harrier we’re advising our clients to look at alternate ways of motivating staff. The old adage of time is money has never rung more true and, in many cases, employees value their time more than money. As a result, businesses are implementing flexible working hours by giving staff the option to work a day from home, run errands, or take breaks to exercise. We’ve found these type of policies can go a long way in retaining and motivating staff. You can read more on what Kelly had to say on this topic in her interview with The Institute of Managers and Leaders.

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“Many workers in corporate environments will feel more motivated and productive if they have a say in how they do their jobs”

– Kelly Quirk, CEO Harrier Human Capital