Project recruitment solutions

What could a recruitment project do for your organisation?

Harrier Talent Solutions’ unbundled and project recruitment solutions give you the flexibility to ramp up quickly to support short term spikes in talent acquisition, whether the need is caused by a jump in workload, seasonal peaks, campaign recruitment or the launch of a new business line.

These discrete solutions can be unbundled, blended or end-to-end; a flexible approach to ensure your specific hiring requirements are delivered in a condensed timeframe.

Engaging Harrier Talent Solutions to assist with your recruitment projects means you will benefit from specialist expertise and project governance without detracting from your team’s business as usual recruitment activities.

How do we deliver?

  • Harrier Talent Solutions’ Sourcing Hub is an on-demand talent acquisition service that can ramp up on short notice to offer unbundled and project recruitment solutions allowing clients to access the elements they need, when they need them.
  • A highly scalable and agile solution, based in our offices or yours, the Sourcing Hub operates as an extension to both our onsite service delivery teams and our clients’ own recruitment teams, providing additional support when it’s most needed.

How we can help

Highly experienced in delivering recruitment projects in complement to our clients’ existing talent teams, we have the onshore and offshore capability to scale up quickly to meet your needs.  Working within your nominated recruitment technology platform, or utilising our own, we can deliver a range of projects including:

  • Business and market intelligence
  • Employer branding audits
  • End to end process design, implementation and delivery
  • Graduate, vacation and volume hiring
  • Talent mapping and proactive sourcing
  • Industry and regional benchmarking
  • Unbundled solutions allowing access to elements you need including phone screening, due diligence and offer management.
“Our projects offer flexible, scalable and agile recruitment solutions,
ramping up quickly to support your hiring needs.”