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The Neurodiversity Advantage

We examine how your business can capture the neurodiversity advantage and create more meaningful career opportunities for people with autism.

Gender Diversity: Practical Strategies for Success

The third part in our series on gender diversity, we provide practical strategies to help your business attract, retain and empower women.

Gender Diversity: One Step Forward, two steps back

Harrier's latest InSight paper examines the progress Australia has made towards gender equality and creating more gender diverse workplaces. Have we progressed as far as one might think?

The Leaky Pipeline: Gender Diversity in Australia's Mining and Resources Industry

Australia’s resources and mining industry is working hard to attract and retain more women, so why are we still struggling to get cut through?

Harrier supports Deakin University to Think Differently about talent acquisition

Deakin University partnered with Harrier to design and implement a best practice in-house Talent Acquisition solution to become an essential pillar in the University’s One Deakin strategy.

RPO: Is your organisation ready?

Practical tools for potential RPO buyers, guiding them through the steps to achieving organisational buy-in and laying the foundations for a successful talent acquisition solution.

Retail insights Q2 2016

A look at the latest talent trends from the Australian and British retail markets, with a look at how the pending Australian election may affect retailers.

Retail insights Q1 2016

A look at the latest talent trends from the Australian and British retail markets, with a look at the projected trends for 2016.

Sustainable Graduate Recruitment: Workforce 2020

An important pipeline for organisations to consistently grow their talent and drive innovation, flexibility, knowledge share, loyalty and retention.

Retail insights Q3 2015

A look at the latest talent trends from the Australian and British retail markets, with a review of the US market and its opportunities for employees, businesses and consumers.

Employer branding: Turning your messaging inside out

Tangible and low cost initiatives for talent professionals to consider when articulating their EVP, both inside and outside their organisation.

Retail insights Q2 2015

A look at the latest talent trends from the Australian and British retail markets.

LNG recruitment: Time for a rethink

Challenges and strategies for LNG operators to gain a competitive edge in the battle for talent.

Gender diversity: Inspiring change

Widening the discussion centred on fairness and equity to also focus on achieving superior business performance through diversity.

Talent pipelining: You’re not as attractive as you think you are

How to identify critical roles, understand your EVP, define the role of Talent Acquisition and implement technology to achieve successful talent pipelining.

Blended workforce optimisation

The challenges employers are facing as the workforce evolves and the steps businesses can take to manage the changing talent population effectively.

Case Study: Enterprise RPO (Retail)

Evolving a reactive recruitment model to an innovative talent management function underpinned by a compelling EVP.

Case Study: Diversity Hiring for Regional Apprenticeships

Improving female participation in trades apprenticeships and building a pipeline of future talent.

Case Study: Assessment Centre Delivery

Sourcing a new team of talented customer service professionals to provide 24-hour first-response telephone support to elderly and disabled adults.

Long hours, physical work and isolation: FIFO workers are at increased risk of mental ill health

Harrier discusses the importance of recently published research and employer guidelines relating to mental health of FIFO workers.

Are Australian businesses lagging when it comes to using AI to source top talent?

Ranked at just 22 in a global innovation report, could Australian businesses do more to embrace new technology and ways of thinking?

What have Australian businesses achieved since the last [Un]Equal Pay Day?

In this blog we discuss progress Australian businesses have made in the last year towards closing the gender pay gap and where we can do more.

NAIDOC Week: how are you moving the conversation forward?

Part of our own reconciliation journey, this blog discusses what businesses can do to create more culturally inclusive workplaces.

Veteran employment: are you overlooking valuable talent?

Our blog discusses the value ex-military personnel can bring to an employer, a valuable talent pool that are overlooking, creating barriers for those who have already given so much.

Do great minds think alike: Are we too narrowly focused when it comes to neurodiversity programs?

To mark Autism Awareness Week, Harrier's Head of Marketing gives her personal perspective on neurodiversity programs in the workplace.

Are changes to visa regulations creating talent shortages for critical roles?

Harrier's latest blog discusses the impact of current Australian immigration legislation on critically needed roles.

The Curious Case of the Female CEO

Kelly Quirk, Harrier CEO, discusses a lack of authenticity in approaches to workplace gender equality and the recent findings by WGEA on progress in Australia.

The Gender Pay Gap: addressing the problem, not the symptom.

Everything you need to know about the gender pay gap, and how employers cany identify the issues that drive inequality.

Visa changes force us to notice talent "hidden under our nose"

One year on from Australia's visa changes, Harrier Human Capital's CEO Kelly Quirk talks to Shortlist about their impact on talent acquisition.

Are degrees worth the paper they’re written on?

Kelly Quirk, CEO of Harrier Human Capital, talks to the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) about whether tertiary education pathways are best preparing job seekers for entry into the Australian workforce.

How these CEOs set their goals for the year – and stick to them

Kelly Quirk features alongside 11 other Australian executives in this Business Insider article, describing how they set their goals for year.

No budget for bonuses? Don’t despair

Our CEO, Kelly Quirk, talks to the Institute of Managers and Leaders about motivating employees when financial times are too tough for bonuses.

Why there’s nothing to fear from AI

Sue Howse talks to the Institute of Managers and Leaders about why employers have nothing to fear from AI.

Sustainable graduate recruitment

Harrier talks to GradConnection about how to adapt entry level hiring when economic times get tough.

Interview questions these Australian CEOs always ask

Harrier CEO Kelly Quirk joins a plethora of Australian CEOs in sharing with Business Insider the interview questions they always ask.

What to do when the customer becomes the candidate

Coles’ Head of Talent Acquisition, Christine Connor, talks about the reality that every candidate is also a customer.

Harrier's interview series with senior business leaders - Part 2

With the launch of her new interactive website for women in the workplace, HR Consultant Jacqui Alder shares her insights with us.

Harrier’s interview series with senior business leaders - Part 1

Awarded outstanding Woman in Resources Award 2015 by Western Australian Chamber of Minerals & Energy and the Exceptional Woman in Australian Resources Award 2015, Bronwyn Barnes shares her insights with us.

What can we learn from the 2015 ‘best employers’?

The 2015 ‘Best Employer’ lists from both job-search site, Glassdoor and media entity, BRW Magazine.

Are you leading at the speed of now?

According to a recent survey of more than 6,000 people in 12 countries regarding effective leadership and communication - and the intrinsic link between the two - the world is demanding leadership at the speed of now.

What are the future job trends?

The best way to determine the most promising jobs for the next decade? Follow the trends.