Talent for Tomorrow by Harrier Talent Solutions

Since 2007, Harrier has played an important role in the Australian human capital space delivering talent solutions to some of the country’s biggest brands.

Today, business leaders are faced with a complex and competitive landscape where constant change is par for the course. Agility and innovation, coupled with a true sense of community and ‘people first’ mindset are essential in maintaining relevance and achieving sustainable growth. 
At Harrier, we tackle these complex issues and help transform an organisation's intangible capital through tangible actions.

Talent for Tomorrow

We believe the future of Australia is driven by the talent of today. We solve people challenges by imagining new possibilities. We create bespoke ‘whole-of-talent’ solutions. 

We do this through shaping workforce strategies and designing, implementing and evolving talent programs that deliver real results. We create bespoke whole-of-talent solutions that are easy to buy, simple to understand, expertly implemented and deliver transformative outcomes.

Harrier offers award winning Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), contingent workforce solutions, and prompt, flexible, scalable talent solutions. We also provide strategic human capital and technology consulting services to businesses of all size and scale. 

As the only Australian owned and run whole of talent provider, Harrier partners with forward-thinking businesses to deliver Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), contingent workforce solutions, and prompt, scalable talent solutions which are complimented by our human capital and technology consulting services.

We strongly believe in a diverse workplace where creativity and unconventional thinking is encouraged, and our people are not hired for their cultural 'fit’ but for how they can complement and enhance the existing culture to ensure true inclusivity.

With this unique approach to hiring our own people; we know that we have the best minds in the industry to help solve the complex people-issues faced by our customers. Our people become their solution. 

Our guiding goal to delight the customer in all we do, ensures we continue our aim of serving the Australian business community - working towards a better tomorrow.


Customer Obsessed.

Our guiding goal is to "delight the customer" in everything we do, solving for their success, not our own. 



We listen and discover first - so that we understand the problem we are trying to solve. Only then can we propose a solution.



We design solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of our customers, not "off the shelf". There is never "one-size" fits all.



We continually analyse the latest trends and innovations in talent and share them freely - so our customers receive the very best solution, every time.



With some of the brightest minds in talent, we help uncover new pathways and nurture new ideas for success. Our innovation is yours.

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High Quality.

We never compromise on quality. We are committed to our own continuous improvement so that we are never left behind. 



We understand things can change, so we always look for improvements in every situation. Our solutions are flexible and adaptable to your needs.

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Our attention to detail, data-driven approach and strong governance allow us to deliver on our promises.

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