Sustainable Graduate Recruitment: Workforce 2020

Graduate recruitment is an important pipeline for organisations to consistently grow their talent and drive innovation, flexibility, knowledge share, loyalty and retention. So what is the impact of turning off the talent tap when economic times get tough?

Before scaling back graduate and entry level hiring to cut costs is a short-term fix that will have long-term consequences, not only for your business but also for your industry and the wider economy. An employer brand takes a long time to build and but a moment to destroy: when things pick up, will the talent you need exist, and if it does, will it be interested in joining your business? Putting the business case forward to continue investment in hiring graduates and managing internal communications when redundancies are affecting roles that are more senior can be difficult.

This whitepaper will support proactive human resources departments to build graduate programs that can sustainable through economic downturns and successfully articulate the business case for continued investment. If your organisation is under pressure to cut entry level recruitment efforts, this paper might cause you to rethink.

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