The Neurodiversity Advantage

As the business case for building more diverse and inclusive workplaces moves beyond the moral imperative and gathers depth and momentum, employers are recognising that with diverse teams comes increased diversity of thought and creative capacity.  Greater diversity in the workplace yields other benefits too, including the ability to build more meaningful customer relationships, and opportunities for previously overlooked or underutilised talent to gain meaningful employment.

As part of this movement, there is increasing interest in how people with Autism and other neurological differences might help meet the growing number of jobs in science, technology, engineering and maths, as well as other roles that require creativity, innovative thinking and superior problem solving capability.

This report will:

  • Increase your understanding about autism and neurodiversity

  • Outline the barriers to employment that you should be aware of

  • Sets out strategies that you can implement to ensure neurodiverse people are welcomed, understood and supported in your workplace


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