Talent consulting

What could talent consulting do for your organisation?

We understand that each client faces their own unique talent management challenges for which there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Our consultants offer tailored and authentic advice, applying expertise developed through years of working with employers across industry sectors to:

  • Create and refine people strategies and programs
  • Assess, diagnose and optimise talent function effectiveness
  • Embed best practice in talent acquisition and workforce planning
  • Articulate employee value proposition (EVP)
  • Provide market intelligence data and reports
  • Define metrics and benchmarks for meaningful reporting of individual and talent team deliverables
  • Implement, configure and optimise recruitment technology.

Building from our comprehensive, tried and tested methodology and our experienced consultants, we partner with you to deliver well researched, informative, data driven consulting solutions to support your internal business cases, change management and decision making.

How we can help

  • Harrier Talent Solutions’ consultants can help you cut through the noise you’re hearing from your business. We can work with you to understand what’s working well in your talent function and what needs improvement, designing a roadmap for success and equipping you with the tools to get there.
  • We partner with you to determine your needs, clarify the project scope, confirm deliverables and agree key milestones, ensuring outcomes are aligned to expectations and delivered within budget.
  • We pride ourselves on delivering consulting solutions in a collaborative way and, where appropriate, will embed our consultants into your organisation to ensure maximum stakeholder engagement and access.
  • After a consulting engagement has finished, we can continue working with you to design, implement and deliver any recommendations you’d like to proceed with. Many clients have gone on to implement a Harrier Talent Solutions RPO, MSP or recruitment project as a result of our consulting work.
“Harrier Talent Solutions partners with clients to deliver well researched,
informative, data driven consulting solutions to support their objectives”

Benefits of talent consulting

Some of the benefits Harrier has delivered to clients throughout the Asia Pacific region are:

  • Clarity on the current state of talent acquisition strategies, structures, processes and technologies
  • Closer alignment of business, HR and talent strategies
  • Deeper insights into understanding, assessing and mitigating the risks associated with talent management
  • Improved performance measurement systems
  • Greater capacity to link rewards and incentives to individual or team activities, encouraging high performance
  • Substantial HR cost reductions and greater cost transparency.