MSP solutions

What is an MSP?

An MSP solution helps companies that engage a large number of temporary workers, contractors or consultants to better manage the costs, increase the quality of worker and mitigate the risks associated with having a contingent workforce. With the rise of the gig economy throughout much of the Asia Pacific region, a successful MSP can be invaluable to an organisation’s perspective on total talent management.

Harrier Talent Solutions is an experienced MSP provider that helps organisations to interpret their data to enable them to make informed, strategic decisions about their contingent workforce and suppliers.

Could your business be ready for an MSP solution?

If any of the below points ring true for your organisation, an MSP could be the solution you need:

  • You want visibility of your contingent worker categories, be it PAYG, ABN, SOW and professional consultants
  • You need to take control of your costs around your non-permanent workforce
  • You’ve lost track of how many suppliers you have, their terms and conditions and your expenditure
  • You don’t truly know where contingent workers are in your organisation
  • You seek reassurance that your business is fully compliant with employment, safety and statutory regulations
  • You expect that your non-permanent workforce requirements will continue to grow and evolve
  • You’ve been asked to minimise invoice inaccuracies or outsourcing the payrolling of your casual workers
  • You want to reduce the costs of your contingent workforce
  • You’d like to increase the consistency and quality of recruitment and onboarding temporary workers, contractors and consultants.
“A successful MSP can be invaluable in reducing business risk and enabling legislative compliance

Benefits of MSP

  • From the outset, our clients can expect to save money: Having full visibility of their workforce can ensure that talent is distributed around the business more effectively and funds are directed where they’re most needed.
  • Using the right technology solution in combination with our experienced MSP team puts Harrier Talent Solutions into a great position to deliver our clients with a consistent approach to sourcing, selection, onboarding and payrolling.

Other benefits include:

  • Our clients can be confident that everyone joining their business, be it directly or via our Contract Management Office (CMO), will have been assessed and be of the required standard.
  • Your hiring community and Accounts Payable team will have more time to spend on more pressing organisational priorities: The hours they currently spend with suppliers can be reduced, errors on invoices and timesheets minimised and processes followed.
  • An enhanced compliance to statutory requirements, both those of your business and your contingent workers.


  • Supplier terms of business can be harmonised, ensuring consistency, predictability of spend, accurate forecasting and conformity of service delivery.
  • The effective use of a vendor management technology system (VMS) can streamline the process and interventions associated with timesheeting and payrolling contractors, consultants and temporary workers.

We call it working in partnership

  • We collaborate closely with your key stakeholders and take time to truly understand your business and its needs
  • Together we will examine your challenges and requirements which of course can vary by sector, size, geography, business strategy or customers
  • Once the data, behaviour, culture and composition of your business is fully understood, we will recommend an MSP solution and/ or technology that is tailored to your business and will support your contingent workforce goals
  • We’ll partner with you to work through a comprehensive implementation and smooth transition to ongoing delivery of your MSP solution
  • It doesn’t end there: Through our robust governance structure, our account management team and CMO will partner with you to ensure that your MSP solution is delivering what you need it to and identify opportunities for continuous improvement, evolution and innovation.