An integrated approach to talent transformation.

A Harrier whole of talent solution will give you an unfiltered view of all talent available within, and to, your business.

We will partner with you to design a total talent program that gives you full visibility across your permanent staff, contractors and temporary workers, independent consultants and external talent pools, delivering the insights, people and skills your business needs to thrive.

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What does a Harrier talent solution look like?

Case Study | Whole of Talent Solution

A whole of talent solution for a national healthcare business.

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Key Benefits


Total visibility across all talent available within, and to, your organisation, to ensure your talent strategy supports broader business objectives

Internal Mobility

Identify and redeploy your best and brightest talent, connecting them with new opportunities and improving retention of skills.

Technology and Analytics

Workforce data and analytics consolidated into a single, powerful platform: Understand and predict talent trends and opportunities.

Employer Brand

A strengthened, consistent and compelling employer brand communicated effectively across the candidate and employee journey.

Cost Savings

A harmonised, well managed supply chain and full visibility across workforce costs to drive maximum savings and efficiency.

Candidate Experience

Consistent application and communication of your employee value proposition, with a focus on continuous improvement and regular, honest feedback.

Productivity and Accountability

Leverage economies of scale and improved performance, with a single supplier accountable for driving results and delivering continuous improvement.

Hiring Manager Experience

A single approach to talent acquisition across the organisation, with streamlined processes and technology to support your hiring community.

Agility and Responsiveness

Respond quickly to changing market and business conditions with access to deep pools of internal and external talent.

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Whitepaper | Whole of Talent Solutions

Whole of Talent Management: The blended workforce.

Increasing competition for talent and a fundamental change in how work is designed and carried out calls for a new approach to talent management.  This whitepaper discusses how a total talent approach will give your business the agility and flexibility to quickly respond to changing market dynamics, aligning strategy, people, processes and technology to transform your human capital.

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