RPO solutions

What is RPO?

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is a talent solution that enables an organisation to outsource part or all of its internal recruitment function to a third party specialist provider.

Harrier Talent Solutions’ RPOs can support your entire permanent hiring lifecycle, from workforce planning to the off boarding of employees and everything in between. They can be enterprise-wide or in place to manage the recruitment for discrete parts of your business. They can be delivered as end-to-end solutions or as modular components of your process. They can be implemented in a standalone context or alongside an existing team to complement your incumbent talent acquisition function.

As you can tell, flexible and scalable RPOs are what we do best.

Could your business be ready for an RPO?

If any of these points ring true for your organisation, an RPO could be the solution you need:

  • You feel that your recruitment process is expensive, time consuming or disjointed
  • You’re not sure that your recruitment efforts are always bringing the best talent into your organisation
  • You have little visibility of how recruitment is contributing to your HR or business strategies
  • You’d like to know more about how other organisations are attracting, selecting and retaining talent
  • You need more flexibility and scalability in responding to changing demands for talent
  • You seek reassurance that your business is fully compliant with employment, safety and visa regulations
  • You’re hearing feedback from your stakeholders about recruitment not meeting their needs
  • You want to add value to your organisation through human capital.
“Harrier Talent Solutions RPOs can support your entire permanent hiring
lifecycle, from workforce planning to the off boarding of employees
and everything in between.”

Benefits of RPO

Often working within our clients’ organisations, our experienced RPO teams will partner with you to provide a seamless talent acquisition service. Some of the benefits of a Harrier Talent Solutions RPO include:

  • Enabling you to refocus your core operational resources on more pressing issues such as organisational strategy and workforce safety
  • Total flexibility in utilising a fully outsourced, modular or hybrid approach in achieving the timely delivery of business critical talent
  • The ability to scale delivery teams up and down so your headcount doesn’t have to
  • Agility in evolving recruitment delivery with the changing needs of your business
  • Improvement in recruitment metrics that are important to you, such as time to fill, cost per hire and retention
  • Enhanced data, management information and business intelligence to help you make strategic decisions
  • Access to market-leading insights and thought leadership
  • Increased hiring manager and candidate engagement and satisfaction levels, that comes from working with high quality and experienced subject matter experts.

We call it working in partnership

  • We collaborate closely with your key stakeholders and take time to truly understand your business and its needs.
  • Together we will examine your challenges and requirements which of course can vary by sector, size, geography, business strategy or customers
  • Once the data, behaviour, culture and composition of your business is fully understood, we will recommend an RPO solution that is tailored to your business and will support your permanent hiring goals
  • We’ll partner with you to work through a comprehensive implementation and smooth transition to ongoing delivery of your RPO solution
  • It doesn’t end there: Through our robust governance structure, our account management and service delivery team will partner with you to ensure that your RPO solution is delivering what you need it to and identify opportunities for continuous improvement, evolution and innovation.